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Cosmos Britain 2020 Tours

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Cosmos Britain 2020 Tours? Seeing where Royalty resides? Experiencing the Highlands? The Military Tattoo ceremony?

You'd be surprised to know that nine out of ten travelers think of England or London first, but there's so much more to Britain than England and its capital!

Firstly, Britain is not to be mistaken for The United Kingdom... Britain alone is made up of three countries and they are:

  • England: is the birthplace of many famous icons throughout history - William Shakespeare, The Beatles, William Churchill, and Sir Isaac Newton.
  • Scotland: is famous for Scotch, Glens (Valleys), Lochs (Lakes), Golf, and Military Tattoo...
  • Wales: is famous for the country's soccer (specifically FIFA World Cup), Rugby World Cup, and the development of coal mining during the dawn of the Britain Industrial Revolution

The United Kingdom on the other hand includes Northern Ireland in addition to the other three countries. Cosmos Britain 2020 Tours will either take you on a panoramic ride or only focus on certain regions, either way, Cosmos' low price Britain travel packages have what you need at a very competitively low price!


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